IntegraCare Solutions is dedicated to the creation of unique and cutting edge technology applications, designed to enhance the efficiencies of Healthcare providers through all associations and channels, and through that to enhance the health and well being of the patients they serve.

Our Goal
IntegraCare intends to become the leader in the growing field of prevention, wellness and healthy aging, including preventive health care services, technology, products and media through the development of appropriate healthcare software products. 

business platform establishes a center of excellence for physician and patient assistance where all the tools for managing health information are seamlessly integrated through our patented suite of products, including Medi+Safe and Provider Zone.
Latest Technologies

A simple, digital solution to a problem that has plagued patient and doctor for ages: how to get complex medical information in a fast, accurate manner? The Medi+Safe is an easy to use, portable Flash Drive that connects to your computer via a USB port. The pre-loaded medical software automatically starts and walks you painlessly through the process of gathering all your pertinent medical information.